Portable Professional Slimming Massaging Vibrating Translational Motion At Home



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This machine can be used either at home or in the SPA. It’s professional and easy operating. Just follow the instruction, you can enjoy a professional massage even when you are at home. This massage machine is not only aim at massaging, also helps with slimming and body shaping. Its vibrating and its translational motion makes a great effect on relaxing muscle, re-building body shape, promoting blood circulation so that it can fasten metabolism. This technique is quiet different than other massager, brings a better result.




The unnecessary fat will bull doze through rapid vibration and translational motion, and will soften it, at the same time discharge the coordinate fat-lessen-paste, also may do various acupuncture points massage, eliminates fatigue, restore health and the slender stature.



-          Relief muscle pains and spasms, contusions, sprains and stains.

-          It can increase the blood circulation and massage the whole body, and also aid in the prevention of muscle tightness.

-          To aid in breaking down adhesions between superficial and deep tissues, as in scars, and help your skin more elastic.


Service parts:

-          Round fittings

n  Rough piece applicator, diameter 33/4 inches, can be used in the sensitive part of adult.

n  Fine piece applicator, diameter 6 inches, can be used with oil and cream directly, is hard to wear an tear, more use in back, buttock and deep massage of thigh.

-          2 strap applicator are most common, can massage extremity, back and muscles vibrating.

-          Ball fittings

n  Ball applicator is used in thigh, back and deep massage of buttock. Mostly sportsman and one that whose muscle are sturdy can use it

n  The usage of ball fitting are same as the toper fitting, but it mostly used in massage of the back vertebra, as it narrower. The operation on the small joint is more simple, and oval plate connected with ball be put on the backbone sideways because these ball can fall into the skin.

-          Toper fitting: is used for reducing stress, soft tissue massage, and it can be used in belly, foot bottom, palm, stimulate four limbs circulation of blood, and its most effective on relaxing muscle

-          Tip fittings: can be used on amazing epidermis.

-          Accessories:

n  Fitting cover, advise you to use our fitting cover, it is sanitarian and make it sturdy and durable, slip at will on dress material, towel without wrinkling the clothes

n  Fitting plate





Max draw: 1.6amp

N.W.: 15KG

Shipping weight: 17KG

Speed ranges: 20 to 60 cps



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Portable Professional Slimming Massaging Vibrating Translational Motion At Home

Portable Professional Slimming Massaging Vibrating Translational Motion At Home

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